It’s time to break the ice on the topic of extended care planning with your clients

Presented by Donna Ries

Even a short time spent talking today with your clients can help them avoid years of dealing with the consequences of hasty, sporadic decisions later on. We all age and most people end up needing help in some shape or form. Discussing possible scenarios with your clients won’t make them happen. Actually helping your clients prepare for their extended care planning will mean less work, stress, worry and regret later on for them and their family. Addressing tough topics now will allow your clients to enjoy their time ahead.

One way to start the conversation is by stating that most people expect to live a long life, right? Ask your clients if they have thought about the impact this may have on their spouse, children, family or friends and if they are concerned about being a burden to them. The care many people may require later in life are costs often paid out of pocket. Even substantial savings can quickly be spent for extended care.

Some questions to consider are where your clients would like to live and who can they rely on for help. The people they consider for help may be caregivers that live miles away. The extra burden for the caregivers could result in consequences for them such as missed work, lost wages, and exhaustion that will ultimately not allow them to care for the family member in need. Is it realistic to expect a spouse to care for their loved one? It’s time to make a plan now for your client’s long term care needs.

Ask your LTC marketer about how to discuss with your clients a plan for the possibility of needing extended care. Discuss such topics as:

– Helping your clients pay for care in the setting they prefer.
– Thinking of LTC as anti-nursing home insurance.
– Avoiding the risk of depleting a lifetime of savings with Partnership protected LTC policies.
– Gaining peace of mind when extended care decisions need to be made.
– Continuing to benefit from the life your clients have planned.

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