Illinois Mutual – Recent Security Enhancements and DIAM Bonus Opportunity

Illinois Mutual recently updated security for their online tools to help make sure your sensitive data is more secure. As a result of this enhancement, less personal information will be needed to register, and you will no longer need to use your email as your user name when you log in. In fact, you can select a new user name if you desire.

Another part of this enhancement involves improving the Agent Forum login by adding some additional requirements for your password. If you already have a password that fulfills the new requirements, you will not notice any change. If your current password does not fulfill the new requirements, they’ll ask you to enter a new password.

This new password will change only your Agent Forum login and will not automatically update on desktop POWERPitch 5G as they are maintained separately. Your desktop POWERPitch 5G password will stay the same unless you choose to update it as well.

Thank you for working with Illinois Mutual as they continually strive to protect your sensitive and personal information.

DIAM Bonus Opportunity

Since May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM), it’s the perfect time to ask your clients one simple question: “How long could you make it without your income?” Illinois Mutual’s DI plan, Personal Paycheck Power is a great solution to protect their most valuable asset – their paycheck.

Illinois Mutual wants to reward YOU for helping clients protect their income during DIAM.

For each application received in the Home Office between May 1 and May 31, 2016, and issued and paid by July 31, 2016, you will receive a $100 CASH BONUS!
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