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Thursday, January 11th
The Financial Brokerage office will open late due to inclement weather.

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The DOL 84-24 disclosure statement covers issues such as:
Product Recommended
Relationship with Carrier
Compensation Received
Conflicts of Interest (failure to disclose a material conflict of interest is considered a misleading statement)
Product fees, charges, discounts, penalties or adjustments
Disclosure Statements must be retained in your client records for six years. Some carriers may require the statement be attached to the application.
You must complete a Professional Report/Producers Report (Each carrier will have their own specific form)
  • Increase to Face Amount Limit for PL Promise GUL as of September 21, 2020 (9/18/2020) - Pacific Life is increasing the PL Promise GUL1 face amount limit to $3.5 million effective September 21, 2020. PL Promise GUL is a universal life insurance product with no-lapse guarantees designed to provide affordable death benefit protection. The face amount limit of $2.5 million that was implemented on April 1, 2020 is increasing to $3.5
  • Sales Idea – Prospecting in a Pandemic (8/19/2020) - The 2020 pandemic and recession have caused financial hardship for many people and businesses throughout the world. However, these conditions have also produced new markets for life insurance sales. If you specialize in auto and homeowners insurance or group benefits, you already have the inside track to these buyers. Take a couple minutes to learn
  • COVID-19 Underwriting Opportunities (8/10/2020) - The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed life insurance underwriting. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The lack of available or willing paramedical examinations has actually made the underwriting process much easier for the majority of applicants. Conversely, the tightening of underwriting guidelines for another segment of the population has created new challenges. It has
  • Sales Idea – What if healthcare was built into your retirement plan? (12/9/2019) - What if you could build healthcare benefits into your retirement plan? When your clients need healthcare services in retirement for long term care, they will need to accelerate their spending. What if there was a way to access MORE than what was in their account? There’s only one way to do that! Take two minutes