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It’s widely acknowledged that Americans are currently in a period of historically low income tax rates and those rates are likely to increase in the future. The right life insurance policy designed to maximize the accumulation of cash for retirement is a fantastic way to take advantage of low tax rates in the present and hedge against potential future tax rate increases. A properly designed life insurance policy can offer tax-deferred growth and tax free withdrawals with no contribution or income limitations.

Using life insurance in retirement planning is a long term commitment, so choosing the right policy for your clients is critical. Financial Brokerage is proud to partner with North American Company to market the brand new Builder Plus IUL. Join us for an exclusive webinar on July 24th to learn more about why your clients should consider using life insurance in their retirement planning and why the Builder Plus IUL is one of the most consumer-friendly products on the market.

P.S. We’ll also be offering a brand new exclusive client seminar toolkit to those who register for the webinar at no cost!

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Underwriting with Andrea #2

Declines got you down?
Underwriting is both an Art and a Science. Here at Financial Brokerage we know that the clients you protect have their own unique histories that often present Underwriting challenges. With so many options available, knowing where to start can be daunting. Let us help you choose the right carrier the first time. Stop Declines before they happen and contact me the next time you’ve “got a guy” that you’re not quite sure where to start with. You might just be surprised at what I’ll find…
Today’s Challenge
Foreign National, here on an F1 Student Visa from India.
The Proposed Insured is also married to a U.S. Citizen and has a job offer in the U.S. making over 65K per year upon graduation.
Looking for term or perm coverage to cover final expenses, student loans and to provide for his surviving spouse.

The Resolution
The majority of carriers indicated that this would be a decline due to the noted Visa type and the fact that he is married to a U.S. Citizen is a moot point. However, after reaching out to each of our carriers I was able to find one carrier that was willing to consider this risk! While there were stipulations such as the proposed insured being required to have a Social Security number or a tax ID , that one carrier was willing to consider him at a table 2 when no one else would consider him at all. Another win for the Independent Agent!