High Deductible Survival Plan – Part Three

Presented by Brian Leising

In parts one and two, I explained how a basic term life policy with a critical illness provision could help your clients pay their health insurance deductibles in the event of a major illness. In this part, I will introduce methods and tools you can use to market this new term life policy to your existing clients.

Since we’re talking about your existing health insurance clients, you already know who your target audience will be and have their contact information. Why not stay in touch with your clients the old fashioned way, through the mail? Better yet, start using an e-mail campaign system.

The graphic design team at Financial Brokerage has developed a piece you can use with your clients to drive interest in this concept. We can work with you to have this same piece emailed to your clients on a regular basis.

If you are not taking advantage of social media to stay in touch with clients and find new ones, now is a great time to start. Posting helpful advice on your business Facebook page, Linked-in and Twitter accounts costs you absolutely nothing. If you are not familiar with these free online platforms, our Guide to using Social Media can help you get started.

All of these resources are available for agents contracted through Financial Brokerage. We can also provide access to the insurance carriers that currently offer critical illness benefits in your state. There is no reason to make your clients wait until they are dead to benefit from their term life insurance policy.

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