Have you asked unsettling questions that may be vital for your next Critical Illness sale?

Presented by Donna Ries


No one likes to think about purchasing Critical Illness insurance whether it be for personal or business reasons.  Learning how to ask alarming questions may help your prospects realize the need for coverage.  Critical Illness coverage gives you another opportunity to get in front of your existing clients.  Using these powerful techniques called “disturbing questions” will help your prospects see the problem.

View Ken Smith’s, Assurity Life Director of Health Product Sales, brief video blog on Critical Illness and Disturbing questions.

Mr. Smith points out how Critical Illness insurance can be a solution for business owners.  He has examples of how to ask disturbing questions to identify the problem, then use stories to present the solution.  As he states, “It’s not about the product, it’s about what the product does” that may lead to Critical Illness sales.   Contact your Financial Brokerage marketer today at 800-397-9999 to help you with your next Critical Illness prospect sales solution.

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