Give me some “SIZZLE”

Presented by John Schraut

In a recent conversation I was having with a life insurance agent, he asked me to give him some “Sizzle”.  He wanted to know some term product options that are value added or in his terms “Sizzle”.  A lot of times as agents we look for just the best price on term products, but maybe we need to talk more about the “Sizzle”.  A 20 year term is a 20 year term, but what if we add a rider that offers Critical illness or perhaps Disability Income.  How about some no-cost riders that offer Chronic illness (LTC benefits) or an Accelerated Death Benefit.  This is the “SIZZLE” he was looking for that helped him close the sale.  So next time you are presenting a life product, think about the “SIZZLE” you can add to the sale.

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