Finding Prospects

Authored by John Schraut

Are you sitting around thinking where you are going to get your next prospect?  You have more prospects sitting right in front of you than you know.  Grab your check book and credit card/bank statements – look at all the business prospects you have through your purchases.  These are all potential clients or referrals to prospect.  Here is a list of a few from my bank statement:

Hair stylist

Auto mechanic shop

Heating and Cooling company

Lawn care professional

Tax preparer




Photographer (for my 4 year old daughter’s pictures)

Dry cleaner

Locally owned restaurant I frequent


You will be amazed by the number and types of businesses you have been in contact with already. Get the word out to these businesses and start right away with setting up introduction meetings.

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  1. Hey John. Are you advising that we look for quid pro quo situations, where we contact people from whom we have purchased goods or services? In other words, I bought from you now please consider buying from me? Thanks.

  2. It is kind of like that but not so direct. It is a more of a way to start building business relationships and develop a business network. Learn about how they market to consumers, gain some insight to other small business owners. But in the conversation with them you may uncover an insurance need they have not addressed or need to review. People like doing business with people they know and trust. It allows a chance for you to market yourself to other business owners.

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