Does long term care insurance really matter?

Presented by Leonard Berthelsen

A lot of agents and producers over the years may have asked that question of themselves as rates have gone up, underwriting has gotten stricter and consumer reluctance has increased.

Regardless of what rates the carriers have settled on, it’s still pennies on the dollar of what care actually costs.  There has to be a value proposition that the producer brings to the table for that client and that is educating the client.

  • Are they aware of the exposure that their estate is currently in, to the devastation that a lengthy long term care event might cause?
  • Will family and/or friends be able or willing to provide on-going and lengthy assistance?
  • Government assistance in long term care is getting more difficult to qualify for with any thought of being able to retain assets.
  • Is it their desire to remain independent as long as possible in their own home?

If your prospect or client plans to pass onto their heirs or leave an estate for children or loved ones, then the long term care conversation needs to occur.

Two things to remember, “You can’t sell it if you don’t talk about it”, and “if you don’t talk about it with your prospect or client, someone else will.”

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