Document Your Appointment

Presented by David Corwin

I read an article recently that caused me to think about a few things. When Insurance Professionals meet with their clients to sell annuities and/or life policies, very few of them will document or take some extra time to make notes about the appointment. It is critical to do so due to this litigious society we find ourselves in. It isn’t the client that you have to worry about; it is the beneficiaries and or loved ones.

Especially on older clients that may suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, they won’t remember what they bought, much less their own name. You will be questioned as to their state of mind during the sale and if you don’t have an answer then there will undoubtedly be ramifications including fines and/or jail time. There have been discussions around the country about whether producers should require their prospective clients to take a mental exam before buying a policy.

Document everything. Document statements made by the client during the sales interview. Those comments in the context of the sales process will help attorneys and courts review the conditions under which the sale was made. This will ultimately be a good habit to get into not only for the possible suit that might come you way, but will also be a reminder for possible future sales.

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