Presented by Donna Ries


All occupations have a need for income protection, but some occupations may be more difficult to insure with certain carriers for disability insurance than others.  Two occupations in particular, which have a wide interpretation of DI coverage, are Chiropractors and Paramedics or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).

Chiropractors are viewed differently by DI carriers; some are willing to insure them, others are not and even others offer limited benefits.  The nature of their occupation is considered risky by both claim experience as well as the physical demands of the job.  Having to adjust their clients by lifting, bending and physical contact with their clients is considered a manual profession.   In a worst case scenario, some DI carriers would not even consider insuring a Chiropractor.  There are other DI carriers that would insure up to a two year benefit period and still others that would offer a Chiropractor a five year benefit period.  So when we think this profession might be one to avoid when considering DI protection, take another look and you might just be surprised.

There is even more diversity in coverage choices available for a paramedic or EMT.   At worst, one DI carrier would not consider this profession for coverage, yet another DI carrier would consider for short term disability only.  There are also DI carriers that would offer a two year benefit and another carrier all the way out to age 67.  With physical exertion and initial patient contact, yes there is increased risk but still insurable.

The point is that Financial Brokerage offers multiple DI carriers and solutions for both of these occupations and many more.  With the diversity between multiple DI carriers, you can count on Financial Brokerage to find which carrier would best meet your client’s needs. Give these occupations some consideration and give your DI Sales Manager at Financial Brokerage a call at 800-397-9999.  I think you will be pleased by the outcome.

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