DI Made Easier

Presented by Tim Dreher

Are you like me when it comes to selling Income Protection?  I love to get out there and meet new people and give them peace of mind by helping them to protect their greatest asset – their ability to earn a paycheck.  But after the client says “yes”, I dread all of the paperwork that comes with the sale.  Is it just me or have applications become as big as phone books recently?

Well, fear not fellow agents.  Thanks to several of our DI carriers, we now have a solution to those long, long applications with a streamlined application process called a tele-app.  The tele-app is a shortened version of the regular application with Section B (medical questions, prescriptions, and health history) of the application missing.  The agent completes only parts A and C of the application, which consists of basic demographic information and the signature page.  Once the application is submitted to the carrier, the client receives a simple and brief (normally 15-20 minutes) fact finding phone call by a highly trained and experienced telephone interviewer well versed in underwriting and medical terminology.  If something comes up in the client’s health history during the call that raises a red flag, the experienced interviewer is able to ask the right follow-up questions for clarification, helping to reduce the need for attending physician’s statements, medical records and paramedical exams.  This has been shown to cut the underwriting process by as much as thirty-three percent.  Quicker issue time means you get paid faster.

Finally, another great benefit of the tele-app is to avoid having to ask your client about their personal and private health history, which in many situations, can be a little awkward and uncomfortable for both of you.

In a nutshell, the tele-app simplifies the sales process for both the agent and the client, resulting in a quicker issue time.  Be sure to give the tele-app a try with your next client. You’ll be glad you did.

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