Be the “Quarterback Advisor”

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Many agents love sports analogies when talking about business – I know I do. Well, here is one that you might relate to.

We have all heard to be all things to our clients. Many have tried, only some have succeeded. Still others may wonder what does this mean. Have you ever been the “Quarterback Advisor”?

In football, all offensive plays run through the quarterback (QB). He doesn’t necessarily make all the plays; sometimes he hands off to the running back or throws it to the receiver. All calls from the coaches run through the QB and he is a part of everything. In most cases, the games are perceived to be won or lost due to the QB’s efforts.

Let’s examine how this works in the insurance/advisor business. You want your clients to think of you every time they have a financial or business need. If they need law advice and don’t know where to turn – they call you. If they need a CPA to assist on taxes – you hope they call you. Business insurance, financial planning and the list goes on and on – do your part so that they think of you. Being the “Quarterback Advisor” means you are a connection maker. You know all the best people for the job for your client even if it isn’t you. Always strive to be the one they think of first. These are the types of qualities that go beyond just the sales part. It will pay huge dividends.

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