Athene – Now Available Performance Elite 7

Same elite performance. NEW 7-year duration.

Introducing Athene Performance Elite 7. The newest addition to the Performance Elite family of high-performance fixed indexed annuities.

Now, you can offer your clients outstanding growth potential in a 7-year product designed for medium-term accumulation needs. For enhanced performance (for a charge), Performance Elite 7 Plus offers a premium bonus… plus the same strong optional liquidity features available in our popular 10 and 15‑year products.

Athene Performance Elite 7… for growth

* 6 indexed crediting strategies

* Competitive caps and spreads ‑ plus participation rates as high as 110% on select crediting strategies1

* Up to 10% free withdrawals per year available at issue2

Athene Performance Elite 7 Plus… for growth + liquidity3 …all the above features plus

* Premium bonus4

* Up to 20% free if no withdrawals are taken in the prior year

* Return of premium (less prior gross withdrawals) available after the fourth contract year5

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