Asking for the Order: 13 Tips for Sales Closers

Presented by Jim Linn


In the tips below, Jeff Beals provides some helpful tips to close the deal or to know when to wrap it up.

A few essentials to keep in mind when it comes time to call the question, wrap it up, ask for the order or close the deal:

  1. If you react angrily or defensively when a prospect says no, you could be slamming the door on future opportunities.
  2. “No” sometimes means “not yet.”  Sometimes it actually means “no.”  You have to feel it out.
  3. Don’t panic or overreact when you hear an objection.
  4. Bad objections are barriers or roadblocks used to get away from a salesperson or to stop the process.
  5. Good objections are actually so important to successful selling that you might want to be concerned if you don’t receive any.
  6. Good objections are usually questions dressed up like problem statements.
  7. Have answers and rationales ready to go for your ten most anticipated objections.
  8. Even when they are really interested, many clients will wait for you to initiate the close.
  9. If you truly believe you are peddling value, then there’s no need to be a reluctant closer.
  10. To close a highly competitive sale, it might help to bring in a dedicated closer, an experienced person of authority who has not worked with the prospect up to that point.
  11. Be wary of false closing signals. Clients can be very misleading.
  12. It is better to pounce on a false closing signal than to allow a true signal to go by unaddressed.
  13. In order to minimize buyer’s remorse, make sure you hit every step of the selling process and every position on the relationship-building ladder.
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