Are you interested in selling life insurance to help families with college planning but are not sure how to do it? (Part 2 of 2)

Presented by Brian Leising

A top priority for many parents is making sure their children are able to attend the college of their choice. Careful planning is key to making sure the tuition dollars are there when they need them.

Our customizable plan for marketing life insurance for college planning can help. We have prospecting tools to help you find the right clients, whether you only want to invest your time or monetary resources. Once in front of qualified consumers, you may choose from several tools to gather the right information. The product guides can help you design and present a proposal based on the unique needs of your future client.

Step 3 – Tools
Once you have decided on a path or paths to find qualified prospects, you need to know what questions to ask on your appointments. The Tools to Use section provides factfinders that incorporate college planning, whether you are adding the money into a death benefit calculation or need to produce a target dollar figure for tuition. You should also investigate the scholarship program one of our carriers offers to children of policyholders. This could lead directly to a life insurance sale or could supplement additional, cash value building sales.

Step 4 – Products to Use
Once you are ready to craft a proposal for your client, refresh your product knowledge with the guides available for Foresters Life (they offer the scholarships), Return of Premium term and IUL. Both permanent life insurance and return of premium (ROP) term life insurance allow the client to access cash when it is needed, on a tax-favorable basis. Both offer death benefit protection if the parent dies prior to the child starting college, or a lump sum to pay tuition when due. ROP term offers a fixed amount of money on a specified date. If clients wish to grow their money while still providing safety, several carriers offer traditional fixed and fixed index universal life policies. Several include an early cash value option, which enhances the cash available in the early years of the policy.

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