Americo – New eApplication Contest

Americo – New eApplication Contest

Earn $50 on your 1st submitted and paid Eagle Premier Series eApplication now through December 15, 2015. 


Plus, for every 5th submitted and paid eApp, you earn an additional $100!


The more applications you place, the more CASH you earn!




Bonus Total Payout
 1st paid application $50 $50
 5th paid application $100 $150
 10th paid application $100 $250
 15th paid application $100 $350


Applications must be submitted and paid between September 15 and December 15, 2015. Bonus payments will be made monthly. These bonus payments will be paid through your commission account in the same manner as your regular commissions. The policy must be active and inforce with premium still applied at the time the bonus is paid.




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