American National – Revised Suitability Form

Effective 10/01/2015 – In effort to improve the suitability process, the Annuity Suitability Analysis / US Patriot Act Forms (Form 4465 and Form 4465-NJ) have been revised and are now available in Virtual Forms.

American National will continue to accept Form 4465 and Form 4465-NJ with revision dates of 01-12 until 11/01/2015. After 11/01/2015, Form 4465 and Form 4465-NJ with revision dates of 09/15 will be required with all annuity applications. California and Minnesota will now use Form 4465 instead of the state specific forms previously used.

The new Annuity Suitability Form Producer Guide (Form 10799) is also available to assist you with completing the updated suitability form.

Download the forms here:
Form 4465
Form 4465-NJ (New Jersey Applications Only)
Florida will continue to use Form 10294 for suitability and 10293 for replacing an annuity.

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