American General – AG News for July 28, 2016

Get with the IN crowd

Learn pro-tricks for consumer-friendly illustrations with InsMark in our upcoming InsMark Webinars. Insmark is always free to producers when used with AIG illustration systems. Learn more about InsMark and Advanced Markets

Sometimes the stars align

The “If Strong Index Performance” feature, for when the index does you a solid, is included with Value+ Protector at no cost, and provides a one-of-a-kind liquidity option to your clients. Learn more about IUL

Solve Options clarified

When you don’t get your expected illustration outcome, the Solve Option maybe your proble – Check out solutions for “re-solving” it when running Max Accumulator+ illustrations. Become a Max Accumulator+ pro

Quicker submission to commission

Did you know AG Quick Ticket has its own playbook full of valuable info and shortcuts for case managers, producers, and even consumers? Explore AG Quick Ticket resources
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Bulletin 16-084


  Bulletin 16-083


New Business
Quicker reissues Bulletin 16-065.
Bank Verifications Bulletin 16-050.
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