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Guaranteed Income Increase and No-Fee LIBR is BACK on the Foundation Gold Effective October 2, 2017

American Equity is pleased to announce Foundation Gold product updates effective October 2, 2017. We added additional Lifetime Income Benefit Rider (LIBR) options as well as a Market Value Adjustment (MVA) to the Foundation Gold.

To receive the current Foundation Gold without MVA, applications must be received by 4:45 p.m. CST Monday, October 9, 2017. Any pending business wishing to receive the new LIBR options and rates must submit a new disclosure (#1148-D dated 10.2.17). No adjustments will be made to previously issued contracts. See options and rates outlined below.

Lifetime Income Rider Benefit (LIBR) Options on the Foundation Gold
Effective immediately, the following LIBR options are available on American Equity’s Foundation Gold for issue ages 50 and above. Payout factors are also changing for the Foundation Gold LIBR. Please refer to the product brochure for details. An updated disclosure (#1148-D dated 10.2.17) must be submitted to receive the new LIBR options and increased rates listed below.


* 3.0% simple interest

* 10 year accumulation period



* 7.0% simple interest

* 0.90% rider fee

* 10 year accumulation period


LIBR with Wellbeing Benefit (not available in DE)

* 7.0% simple interest

* 1.0% rider fee

* 10 year accumulation period


LIBR with Indexing Income (not available in DE)

* Current multiplier is 400%

* IAV Multiplier is set at issue and guaranteed for first contract year

* Interest credited is calculated on a compound interest basis

* 0.90% rider fee


Please note: The no LIBR option on the Foundation Gold is still available. Crediting rates may be higher in contracts that do not elect a lifetime income rider. An election must be made at time of issue.

Foundation Gold rates are being adjusted regardless of whether or not the LIBR is selected. Pending business will be issued with the current rates unless a new disclosure is submitted. Please refer to the grid below for rate information.


INTEREST CREDITING METHODS Fixed Value 1.00% 1.15% 1.30%
Annual Pt to Pt w/Cap 2.00% 2.25% 2.50%
Annual Pt to Pt w/PR 15% 15% 20%
Annual Monthly Avg w/Cap 2.00% 2.25% 2.50%
Annual Monthly Avg w/PR 25% 25% 30%
Monthly Pt to Pt w/Cap 1.00% 1.20% 1.30%
Performance Trigger 1.75% 2.00% 2.25%
10 Yr. U.S. Treasury Bond w/Cap 2.00% 2.25% 2.50%
Volatility Control Index w/Spread 4.00% 3.75% 3.50%
Bond Yield with Cap and Spread 4.65% CAP
2.00% SPREAD
5.15% CAP
2.00% SPREAD
5.65% CAP
2.00% SPREAD


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The Foundation Gold product updates are not available in CA.

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