Legacy Marketing – One Powerful FIA – Multiple Upgrade Options

Upgraded EARNINGS Potential

Flexible rate banding—With accumulation value of $200,000 or more, clients are bumped from the “standard” to “upgraded” rate band.Fee options—Clients can pay an index strategy fee and receive higher caps and participation rates.

Upgraded rate band PLUS fee option?!

Even greater earnings potential!

Multiple index strategy choices including two uncapped participation rate strategies based on a proprietary index. 


Upgraded INCOME Potential

Rider options—Clients can upgrade at issue from the Basic Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit (GLWB) Income Rider at no cost to a MyFit Income Rider and
benefit from: 

Higher compound roll-up rate (premium accumulation rate)—6% versus 3%. 

Option to elect the lifestyle payout to receive enhanced payments for an initial period. 

Shorter benefit waiting period—one year versus five years! 

Double payouts for qualifying declining health with the choice of the MyFit Income Rider With Booster.

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