American Equity – Montana Product Changes

As required by the state of Montana, sales for the following American Equity product will be discontinued effective October 1, 2017.
  • Bonus Gold (INDEX-1-07)
Business for the Bonus Gold must be ISSUED by September 29, 2017. Business not issued by September 29, 2017 will be returned or need to be applied to an available product. If it is applied to an available product, the new product disclosure will be required. Good news! We are still able to offer the following fixed index annuity products:
  • Retirement Gold (INDEX-2-09)
  • Foundation Gold (ICC11 IDX3)
  • Traditions Gold (ICC11 IDX4)
  • Advantage Gold (INDEX-6-07)
  • Choice Series (ICC14 IDX8)
Plus, our fixed annuity series and Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA):
  • Guaranteed 5 (ICC13 MYGA-5)
  • Guaranteed 6 (ICC13 MYGA-6)
  • Guaranteed 7 (ICC13 MYGA-7)
  • SPIA (SPIA-1)