The Greatest Threat to Retirement Assets

Presented by Brian Leising

(HINT: It’s not the stock market!)

How many of your clients have protected their assets from the greatest threat they face in retirement, the high costs of extended care? What happens to clients and their families with no protection from this risk? What excuses do clients give for not taking action and protecting their assets?

What do consumers have now?

Right now most people don’t have a plan at all. Some have traditional long term care insurance (LTC) policies, and others have personal funds set aside for LTC expenses.

What’s wrong with that?

Whether clients think they have a plan or not, they have a plan. No plan is a plan. That means they will use their own money until it runs out and they go on welfare (known by the fancy name Medicaid), leaving nothing for their spouse and children.

Consumers state one of two objections to purchasing traditional LTC policies: 1) “The rates may go up”; or 2) “What if I die and never need to use my policy? I don’t want to waste my money. “

Even those with money set aside are not leveraging their funds as much as possible.

What’s a possible solution?

Linked-benefit life insurance policies allow clients to use their death benefit to pay for LTC expenses. The rates are guaranteed and premiums are never wasted as the full benefit is always paid to someone, themselves if they require care or their heirs if they don’t. In lump sum situations, you can double the money to heirs and triple that sum for LTC, with a return of premium option.

Now you can protect your clients’ assets from the greatest threat they face in retirement; by showing them how their life insurance policy can be used for extended care expenses; so they don’t have to worry about rate increases or “wasting” premium dollars.

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