The Close

Presented by Jim Linn

Most advisors do a great job in presenting options to their clients, but when it comes for the most important step – the Close, they dance around it and have no process in place.  Kinder Brothers International has came up with a simple 5 step process to Close the business (see below).


Because closing the sale is so important, we want to bring attention to it again this week. Here’s a quick review of the five-step closing process.

STEP 1 – OWNER BENEFITS. Review with the prospect the highlights of your recommendation. Mainly, you want to cover the owner benefits of the plan you are recommending. You should have at least two to three main benefits.

STEP 2 – ASK FOR FINAL QUESTIONS. “Do you have any questions that I haven’t already answered?”

STEP 3 – STRATEGIC MOVE. Move the recommendation off to one side and pull the application in front of you. Ask two questions such as: “Who do you want as beneficiary?” “Where do you want premium notices to be sent – to your home or your office?”

STEP 4 – GET THE CHECK. Now comes the most important part of selling: “I need your check for $150 for the first month’s premium.”

STEP 5 – COMPLETE THE APPLICATION AND ARRANGE FOR MEDICAL. The way you remember this is to keep telling yourself – get the check, then fill out the app. You don’t want to fill out the app and try to get the check. We want to emphasize at this point that you are going to get the check and then fill out the app.

You can confidently move through the close when you learn and perfect a set strategy.


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