Sales Concept Playbook

Presented by Gary Peterson

Agents are always asking the question, “How can I get my clients and prospects interested in buying Life insurance?”  At Financial Brokerage, we have partnered with many carriers to offer sales ideas and concepts for you to use.  Here is an example from North American’s “Sales Concept Playbook”.

Legacy Building: Help Maximize Assets Passed to Beneficiaries

Leverage is a term that most people have heard but few take advantage of. Life insurance provides an opportunity to use leverage to pass on greater assets to your heirs.  Think of it as buying dollars for pennies. If you have funds available to pass onto your heirs, each of those pennies can buy dollars and, therefore, leave behind a greater financial legacy.  The leverage of life insurance makes this possible.”

Questions to ask:

 Do you have funds that in your mind are already set aside for passing on to your heirs at your death?”

 Are you sure you won’t need these funds in your lifetime?”

 Would you like to explore how, using those funds, you could multiply the amount of financial legacy you leave for your loved ones?”

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Life Insurance: Your Legacy of Love

Presented by Jim Linn

Once in awhile I come across a sales idea, concept, video, etc., and feel it merits sharing.  This is one of those pieces.  This video summarizes the importance of what you do and opens the door to what is important to your clients.

Don’t pay attention to the length of the video before playing, as it will become irrelevant once you begin to listen to the message.  Turn your speakers on or put your ear buds in.  This is a piece that can be shared with your clients and prospects.  Your Life Sales Manager would be happy to get you the formal link to send to clients.