You Shred It

Presented by Deb Strong

I have been in the financial services industry for 30 years.  One thing for sure is that agents and advisors are always looking for new, creative and fresh approaches to get in front of their clients and add value to them for client events.

Identity theft is a huge problem for all clients.  I know people whom have had their identity stolen and it was a nightmare!  One idea I would like to share is an event that I helped an agent host – a “You Shred It” event for his clients.  This event took place at the agent’s office; we hired a shredding company that came to his office with a truck and an industrial-size shredding machine.  When the invites went out to clients, they were told they could bring boxes of documents with them that needed shredding.

We also hired a local policeman that talked to the clients about ways to prevent their identity from being stolen.  The clients that attended this meeting loved it.  We served refreshments and had time to mingle with the clients that were there.  I had clients come up to me and say they loved this idea.

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