Sell Solutions, Not Products

Presented by Richard Mangiameli

Most customers respond to problem resolution or how a solution can meet their needs and provide benefits. For example, while some annuities (like Fixed Index Annuities) offer no direct downside market risk to their money and the opportunity to create guaranteed income for life, it can be more effective to set the stage in relatable terms.

If your clients are concerned about losing money due to a potentially unstable market or afraid they may outlive their savings when they reach retirement, you can show a solution that provides peace of mind and no direct downside market risk, while offering an opportunity to grow their assets. Show how supplementing a retirement plan with a Fixed Index Annuity can help them in a language they can understand and that feels personal to their situation.

Understand Customer Behavior

While each person is different, getting in the mind of the average customer can help you be more successful and effective professionally. One important aspect of many consumers today is that they like to explore a topic before making a decision. Whether it’s by reading information on-line or speaking to friends and family, they know that they’ll want to have an active role in their education and decision making.

Customers will also make decisions based on comfort. This means painting a clear, personal picture for each client that shows their issues and goals, their options and the solution each option could produce. Mapping out information and showing how a Fixed Index Annuity can meet various needs can create the framework necessary for clients to make educated decisions.

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