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Required Training

Are you Licensed in the state you’re writing business?
Have you submitted an appointment request for the appropriate carrier?
Have you completed your AML training (required every 2 years)?
Do you have current E&O?
Have you completed your carrier specific Annuity product training?

Long Term Care

The majority of States require an initial 8-hour LTC training course be completed prior to soliciting any Long-Term Care business or selling a Long-Term Care rider on a Life policy. A 4-hour refresher course is typically required every two years going forward. There are several state variation so please check with our Contracting Department prior to writing an application if you are unsure of the requirements.

Contracting Department


Most states require a 4-hour NAIC Annuity training course prior to solicitation. Additionally, Annuity carriers have their own carrier specific product training that must be completed prior to writing an application. Please contact your dedicated Sales Manager to confirm you have completed the proper product training prior to soliciting business.

Index Universal Life

Some carriers require product specific training. Please contact your dedicated Sales Manager to confirm you are compliant prior to soliciting business. Please note that if you are selling an IUL policy with a Long-Term Care rider you will also need Long-Term Care training.

Hybrid Products

Linked Benefit and Hybrid products require you to be up-to-date with your Long-Term Care training as highlighted above.