North American – Website and Commission Statement Updates

Website and Commission Statement Updates
Website Updates

The North American Producer Website will feature a new Producer Profile tool – a new way to access your commission, financial and training information.

Watch this tutorial video to learn how to navigate the new Producer Profile tool


Commission Statement Updates

As previously announced, don’t forget about the exciting upcoming enhancements to our existing life division Commission Statements. As a reminder, those changes include a new Statement Format: modern, easy-to-follow format, with detailed calculations.

Please note that Taxable Earnings in the Year-To-Date Totals section of the statement will
include the Ending Balance Owed to Company from the Advance section of your statement.
This will be changed before year-end 2018, but we did not want to delay delivery of these new statements.

View samples of the updated commission statements here:

Producer Version

These updates will be available for the first pay cycle in January 2018. We value your business and we are excited to provide efficient tools, which allow you to spend more time with your customers.

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