Need a Home For Your Declined and High Risk Life Insurance Clients?

Presented by Gary Peterson


Expand Your Impaired Risk Options with Graded Death Benefit Term and Whole Life!

Graded Death Benefit 10 & 20 Year Term and Whole Life

  • Face Amounts up to $150,000
  • Issued Ages 20-75
  • No Medical Exam & No APS & No Tests
  • Accept/Reject Depends on Answers to the Application (Subject to MIB Check, Prescription Check and Height and Weight Chart)
  • Underwriting Decision at Time of Sale (note: some applications may require additional review)
  • Electronic Application & iPad Capability
  • M. Best Rated “A”

We have a carrier for you. Full product details included, including an easy-to-use premium calculator!

 Contact me at 800-397-9999 for contracting and questions.

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