More Coverage without More Underwriting – A Three Part Series [Upsells, No-Exams, Conversions]

Presented by Brian Leising

Part 1

Upsells (Would you like fries with that?)

Looking for ways to help your clients obtain more life insurance coverage without the hassle of additional underwriting?  Why not utilize upsell opportunities offered by insurance carriers?  What’s an upsell?  An upsell occurs anytime the client is already obligated to go through full underwriting, or has in the past, and now has an opportunity to purchase more coverage without additional underwriting.  Banner Life offers additional coverage to selected individuals as a regular part of their underwriting process.  Voya has an online Life Capacity Calculator you can use to determine the maximum amount of coverage they can offer your client.  Transamerica offers a program to top off existing life insurance with another policy, without a new exam.  Some carriers offer a guaranteed purchase option as a rider.  When exercised, the company is obligated to sell additional coverage to your client.

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