More Coverage without More Underwriting – A Three Part Series [Upsells, No-Exams, Conversions]

Presented by Brian Leising

Part 2

No Exams (Wish school was like that?)

Looking for ways to help your clients obtain more life insurance coverage without the hassle of additional underwriting? Why not consider non-med or simplified issue policies? While the pricing is comparable to a fully underwritten standard or slightly table-rated policy, the underwriting turnaround is much faster, usually within one week. Clients are also limited to lower face amounts with a cap of $250,000 commonly. This is a great fit for those clients who need some coverage but are unwilling or unable to complete a full paramedical exam and labs. Many of our carriers even offer this simplified underwriting process on their otherwise fully underwritten products. This is usually limited to lower face amounts, but one company offers no-exam underwriting for up to one million dollars of death benefit! Don’t overlook this opportunity in the right situations.

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