Manhattan Life – Marketing Allowance Program Extended

Manhattan Life Agent Marketing Allowance Program Extended!
This is a reminder that our Agent Marketing Allowance program for your Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement business has been extended through December 31, 2016!  Earn an extra $100 for each underwritten case and $25 for each non-underwritten case, excluding G. I. business written during the normal 63 day G.I. window, when 3 or more applications written by you are issued during any month from October 2016 through December 2016.

For official rules and regulations of the Agent Marketing Allowance program click HERE.

Take advantage of the incredible surge in fall sales during AEP and let AIMC help fund your marketing initiatives.  The more you write and have issued each month the bigger your marketing allowance check.  Make Manhattan Life your carrier of choice for your Medicare Supplement sales and earn a substantial marketing allowance check from AIMC in the process.  Manhattan Life is one of the most recognized names in the Medicare Supplement market with years of experience.  Manhattan Life is prepared for an incredible surge in new sales during the AEP selling season.  Last year’s sales during AEP were off the charts and this year’s sales will be the same.  You can expect the same level of outstanding service during this year’s sales as you experienced last year.  The new business department is fully staffed and ready to handle the increase in business over the next 3 months.  And, as always, when you need assistance from the new business department, they are always welcome to take your calls.

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