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iGO e-App™

Insurance applications can be confusing and complicated. Worse yet, forms can vary by carrier, state and product. Not only do you have to know what to complete, but also what not to complete. If you inadvertently miss a question, your policy could be delayed for weeks.

Take the guesswork out of completing insurance paperwork by using iGO to electronically guide you through the complete application process. iGO e-App™, offered through Financial Brokerage, is a wizard-based, intelligent fillable forms solution for straight-through processing. iGO e-App™ has transformed the way the industry markets, sells, and processes insurance to rapidly drive sales and profitability through error-free processing.

iGO e-App™ makes it easier by highlighting required fields in yellow. As you complete the application, sections of the form are shown or purposely hidden based on your client’s answers. Carrier specific rules are embedded within the forms preventing any data entry mistakes that could cost you valuable time. Ensure every application you write is iGO – In Good Order – today!