Emphasizing Disability Income Awareness is more than just One Month out of the Year

Presented by Leonard Berthelsen

May is designated as Disability Income Awareness month and much of the focus is given to presenting, selling and educating clients during the month.  Let’s take that sharp focus from May and extend it throughout the year.

Your client’s need for protection is there throughout the year, not just in a one month ad campaign.  Sickness and accidents aren’t just confined to one month but are present all year long.

Disability Income protection should be at the forefront of every discussion with our clients to talk about their exposure and how you can reduce the risk.  Why, because all the other “stuff” that we talk about, sell or convince a client to buy becomes secondary if they can’t afford to continue paying the premiums when they become disabled.

We write many times in these blogs about theory and process but rarely about how the personal side of things affects our loved ones.  Let me share a quick story with you about one of those personal issues.

A 37 year old man was having lunch with his 3 year old daughter at her daycare when he became flushed and dizzy.  Making it through the lunch he returned to his car with the air conditioner on to cool off.  A passer-by tapped on his car window to see if he was okay, he had passed out.

This 37 year old man had just suffered a stroke.  The quick and smart thinking of a passer-by probably saved his life.  In intensive care, he was informed that most likely he had a small clot that entered his brain.  With medication and some intense physical and occupational therapy, he will gain full control of his arm once again.  Who would be concerned of this happening at this age?  We never know when, where or why, but disabilities happen all the time to all kinds of people.

Having the right protection can and will make all the difference in the world.  Just make sure that your clients are protected.

Oh, by the way, this 37 year old man is my son.  Yes, he did have Disability Income Protection!

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