Charitable Giving

Presented by Jim Linn

They may not be Rockefeller, Gates or Buffett, but they can still make a difference. 

How many of your clients are living on a fixed income?  How many are currently contributing to a charitable organization on a weekly, monthly or annual basis?  Why do they contribute week after week, month after month, year after year? 

The answer:  They have a deep seeded care or compassion about the organization and want to continue to see it exist, now and into the future.  

What if you had a machine you could give them that would multiply their giving by 5 or 10 times without contributing anything additional?  You do – it’s called Life Insurance. 

Example:  Female Age 65 Non Tobacco

                      Standard Health Rating

                      Contributing $50/month to a charity 

For the same monthly amount she could purchase a $10,000 simplified issue whole life policy with a level premium and guaranteed death benefit.  It would take 16.6 years at their current contribution level to equal $10,000.  Most policies offer a reduced paid up option should they not be able to afford the monthly amount, but would like to still leave something to their charity.   

This is just one example of how your clients, on a fixed income, can make a big impact to their charity.  More advanced charitable giving strategies to follow.

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