Mutual of Omaha – Express Newsletter for November 15, 2017


Need Some Sales Ideas to Help You Boost Your Sales?
Want sales ideas that can help you position indexed universal life insurance with your clients? Want to know what makes our IUL products unique? We have just the place for you to go.

Broker Bonus Program Reminder

With the extra business from the Medicare Annual Open enrollment period there is also the opportunity to make even more bucks on your Medicare supplements and SELECT underwritten business. Learn more about how our Broker Bonus Program works.
Rate Adjustments Effective February 1, 2018
We will be implementing long-term care rate adjustments on February 1, 2018 in CT, DE and NM.
 Get Lifestyle Protection with Priority Income Protection
Clients need valuable coverage fast when they become unable to work due to injury or illness. Priority Income Protection can meet the need.

National Western – Interest Rates and Company Address Change

Amazing Rates, How Sweet the Sound!

You liked us before…you’re going to LOVE us now! Wait until you see the difference 55 additional Basis Points can make. Our Universal Life Interest Rates have change for the better.

Increased Crediting Rates
Increased Participation Rates
Increased Cap Rates

The new rates will be effective November 10, 2017. Click here
to view the new rates. Click here to view our previous rates.

Illustrations via Winflex and our downloadable solutions software (version 1.06.87) on MyNWL reflect the updated rates.

Construction at National Western Life’s new Home Office has been underway, and everyone here is excited about our future new home!

After over 40 years of occupying our current East Anderson Lane location, it is with great anticipation and pleasure to let you know that as of November 20, 2017, we will re-open operations out of newer, more comfortable, and more professional surroundings. Your loyal business is what has made National Western Life what it is today, and we thank YOU for your continued support.

We are looking forward to continuing to build upon our foundational legacy with you in our stunning new location.

While our phone numbers and email addresses are not changing, our new physical address will be as follows:
10801 N. Mopac Expy, Bldg 3
Austin, TX 78759-5415

For regular mail, we have begun to utilize our Post Office Box for mail, which is as follows:
PO Box 209080
Austin, TX 78720-9080

Additional details about the transition during the days leading up to the move will be forthcoming.

Thank you again for being a valued part of National Western Life!

State Life – Interest Rates and Product Changes

Access interest rates effective Nov. 15

New business interest rates for the OneAmerica Care Solutions product suite remain unchanged, effective Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017.

View all rates

Upcoming OneAmerica Care Solutions product changes

At year end, OneAmerica will be making slight changes to our product availability in Massachusetts and New Mexico.

* In Massachusetts: ImmediateCare SPIA and ImmediateCare PLUS will no longer be available for new business.

* In New Mexico: Original Annuity Care will no longer be available for new business. Both Annuity Care II and Indexed Annuity Care will remain available.

* In both cases:

* All eApplications must be submitted by Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017.

* All paper applications must be received in the home office by Friday, Dec. 1, 2017.

*All applications must be issued and paid by Friday, Dec. 29, 2017.


If the application includes a 1035 exchange, all documentation for 1035 money must be received in the home office by Dec. 1, with the application. If funds are received after the final processing date of Dec. 29, the funds will still be processed and the policy will be issued.