Are you living with half a health plan?

Presented by Donna Ries

Medical plans cover the costs of doctors and hospitals, but are your clients prepared to cover the financial costs when an unexpected, devastating event occurs and they are unable to work? Without an income, who will pay for the basic necessities such as mortgage payments, utilities, gas, groceries and other necessities?

According to a 2005 Harvard study, over half of all personal bankruptcies and mortgage foreclosures are a consequence of a disability. Disabilities may occur for an extended period of time. Per the Council for Disability Awareness, long term disabilities last 31.2 months, on average, so the long term financial consequences can be overwhelming.

Most clients live paycheck to paycheck. There is little or no money left for unexpected emergencies such as an injury or illness – the primary causes of a disability.

What to do?

Help your clients plan ahead with a Financial Security Plan and be ready for the unexpected sickness or injury that may occur tomorrow.

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