Long Term Care and Disability Insurance

Long Term Care Concerns

Presented by Michelle Daharsh Not many people really ever want to think that they will need long term care services because it is not a pleasant thought. Having to rely on someone else because we became frail or our cognitive ability has slowed are certainly not things that we look forward to. According to the 2015 Medicare & You, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 70% of people over the age of 65 will need long term care services and support at some point in their life. Sort of an ominous fact, don’t you think? Ask your client this simple question: “What is your greatest concern when it comes to long term care?” This question will be sure to stir up answers ranging from not having to rely on their family for care, or staying in their home as long as possible, or they hear it is awfully expensive. Maybe their concern is protecting the legacy that they worked so hard to build over the years? Regardless of the answer, the end result is most likely all the same – if a long term care event occurs and they don’t have long term care insurance in place, all of these concerns can, and likely will, be exposed. Being able to uncover your clients’ concerns for long term care puts you, as the agent, in a position to educate them on what protection it does provide. Not only does long term care insurance provide care for the client, but it also protects the family, their home and their legacy. Show your clients the need for long term care insurance first – ask them questions, assess their situation, and help them understand their options. Doing this will give them the peace of mind that their biggest concerns are protected and making the purchase of long term care insurance a much easier decision.