National Western – The Score Newsletter for September 21,…

Commission Bonus Extended For all of your hard work, National Western has EXTENDED the 1% commission bonus on annuity business! The commission bonus now applies to annuity applications dated between August 15th and September 30th! Click here for full details. Agent Procedure Manual The Agent Rules and Regulation manual has been revised. The layout has been updated and the content streamlined. The manual acts as reference guide for all agents regarding the conduct and standards of the Company and is part of your contract with NWL. Please click here to take a few moments to review the updated manual.
Interest Rate Change Interest Rates will change effective September 25, 2015. Please click here to see the rates effective through September 24, 2015. Click here for rates effective beginning September 25, 2015. Illustration software, version v1.06.0069 will be available by September 25, 2015 on your Agent Website.Buyer’s Guide for Annuities – Wisconsin The Annuity Buyer’s Guide is required to be delivered to clients at the time of application in the state of Wisconsin. The Guide has been updated and is available in FormSource on MyNWL and hard copies can be ordered. Click here for a list of states and the corresponding Buyer’s Guide form numbers.

Banner/William Penn – Administrative Update

The payor relationship to the insured is one of the material considerations of whether to extend coverage:
When a change is requested immediately following policy issue, a re-examination is required to assess whether an offer of insurance remains appropriate in light of the new payor profile.
Effective September 28, 2015, payor changes after the underwriting decision will require additional case review and approval. Please allow up to 48 hours for review and decision.
An updated application page (p2) is no longer necessary as all payor changes will result in an amendment.
Please be prepared to provide the following information when requesting payor changes:
* Who is the payor and what is their relationship to the insured and owner?
* What is the reason for the requested change?

Are you selling the right product?

Presented by David Corwin We are all financial professionals and our role is to fit the proper product and planning to the problem the client is trying to solve. When positioning an annuity, sometimes we think the product with the most options available is the proper tool, when often it’s not the best approach. Nothing is free and riders typically have a cost that can impact the ultimate solution that we’re trying to provide. With improper planning we can end up with the “never gonna use” riders (I call them NGU’s). In many situations, the simple, “vanilla” indexed annuity can benefit your clients and avoid the cost of the NGU riders. With all the moving parts in annuities today, we can narrow down our carrier and product choices by simply finding out the end goal for the asset. Are they simply trying to protect retirement funds from market losses, trying to provide lifetime income today or in the future or just re-positioning CD/money market funds for a short period looking for a better return? Finding out the answer to those questions certainly narrows down the choices, provides a better product fit and gives you more credibility today and in the future. I can help you navigate the wide-array of product choices and find the solution that makes the most sense for each client-specific situation. Give me a call today at 800-397-9999!