Scroll trigger


Add scroll based animations to your site with ease.

CSS Animations

All animations are triggered by classes, so you can take advantage of the power that CSS3 animations give you.

Vanilla JS

It’s written in vanilla javascript, so you can use it with any framework.

Request Animation Frame

It uses the window.requestAnimationFrame method so it doesn’t jack the users scroll. Animations are triggered when the browser is ready for it.

Simple syntax

You define the options inside the HTML attribute, so after you have initialised the ScrollTrigger you don’t have to touch JavaScript again.


ScrollTrigger offers a range of options, from calling custom JavaScript functions to defining custom offsets and classes.

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ScrollTrigger supports vertical and horizontal scrolling, check out the horizontal demo.

This block only animates once.

Open source

The project, with documentation, is on GitHub. Give it some love!

Written by Erik Terwan