Ensight Proposal Visualization Software

The first proposal visualization platform,
providing an intuitive, interactive customer experience.
Put Some Life into Your Life Insurance Presentations
Has a life insurance illustration ever lost a sale for you? As insurance producers, we look at pages of numbers every day, we know what they mean, we know how to interpret them. But think back to the first time you ever saw a life insurance illustration. What did you think? I’ll bet you had no clue what you were looking at. Your client has the same problem. It’s no wonder some delay taking action to “think about it,” or would “like to study this illustration further.”
Increase Customer Understanding & Sales Conversion
With the prevalence of the internet, paper-anything is obsolete. Everyone has a smart phone or even a smart watch. In fact, over eighty-three percent (83%) of consumers learn visually. Customers have new expectations and prefer a visual, digital buying experience. What if you had a software presentation that could captivate your customers and take them on a personalized, interactive journey?
What’s The Solution?
Assurance’s Ensight Proposal Visualization platform provides visually stunning, compliant proposals to help you sell more permanent life insurance. It is the perfect medium for communicating complicated insurance topics to prospects and customers. You can interactively walk clients through a beautiful on-screen graphical presentation of illustrations, easily comparing the best side-by-side. Ensight is perfect for face-to-face meetings or virtual engagements through Skype or Go To Meeting.
What Does It Look Like?
The new software from Ensight ™ brings your clients’ numbers to life. No more black and white ledger lines. Now values are represented by a colored line that spans the client’s lifetime. Better yet, the presentations are interactive. By moving your mouse, your client can see several different values during any policy year. They can see their cash flow for supplemental retirement income, the internal rate of return in fixed asset alternatives and the leverage gained with wealth transfer policies.
Need Another Reason?
Enhance Compliance With Policy Comparison and Data Retention

In this age of compliance with the best interests of the client in mind, the Ensight ™ Proposal Visualization platform makes compliance with the emerging regulatory environment easy. All comparison proposals are tracked. A full digital audit trail is automatically archived in the Cloud, including a revision history. If you do need the full compliant illustration, it’s still there for you, just a click away.
How Do I Start?
Want to take a look? Here’s a virtual tour of the presentation system. These presentations are available to all contracted agents through Financial Brokerage.