Ed Wieger
Chief Executive Officer
Large Case Design
David J. Storck, CLU®, ChFC®
Executive Vice President
Advanced Life Case Design
ext. 6309
Tim Karaus, LUTCF, DIA
Chief Marketing Officer
ext. 6335
Life Marketing
Brian Leising, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®
Life Sales Director
ext. 3371
Gary Peterson, CLU®, ChFC®
Life Sales Director
ext. 3368
Allen Frisbie, LUTCF
Life Sales Manager
ext. 6316
Annuity Marketing
Deb Strong
Annuity Sales Manager
ext. 6328
Tim Schmadeke
Annuity Sales Manager
ext. 6319
Long-Term Care and
Disability Income Marketing
Leonard Berthelsen, LTCP, CSA
LTC/DI/CI Director – Medicare Supplement
ext. 6317
Shelly Whitaker
ext. 3223
Case Management
Andrea Rasser, CLU®, FLMI, ChFC®
Vice President
ext. 6320
Samantha Thomas
Supervisor of Case Management and New Business
ext. 3306
Jane Pullum
Requirements Associates
ext. 3326
Deb Griffin
New Business Team Lead
ext. 3318
Patty Tarrence
Life Case Manager
ext. 3305
David Bridges
Life Case Manager
ext. 3315
Andrea Rasser, CLU®, FLMI, ChFC®
Vice President
ext. 6320
Kevin Kibby, FLMI
Assistant Vice President
ext. 6321
Candace Holtapp, FLMI
ext. 3419
Senior Systems Analyst
Keith Schuler
Senior Systems Analyst/Website Support
ext. 6334
Shelly Whitaker
Compliance, Advertising and Supply
ext. 3223
Gary Marr
Media Design Specialist
ext. 3805

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Omaha, NE 68118

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Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm