Great American – Rates are Increasing

  Rates are increasing for the products below! Please see the rate chart for more details. Fixed annuity rates effective February 5, 2018. * SecureGain 5 * SecureGain 7  Fixed-indexed annuity rates retroactively effective January 21, 2018. Purchase payments received on or after this date will receive the new rates. * American Legend III * American Landmark 5 * Index Protector 7  * Safe Return Holding account rates will increase February 7, 2018.

American National – Rate Increases

Interest Rate Increases! (Effective 2/1) American National Rate Sheet  Highlights: (See Rate Sheets for Details) MYG *Rates increase by 0.10% WealthQuest 5 & 7 *Rates increase by 0.25% Century   *Rates increase by 0.25% Pension Fixed Annuity *Rates increase by 0.25% Signature IUL & Signature IUL Plus   Illustrated rates Increase No changes to other rates/caps.

State Life – Interest Rate Notice

Access interest rates effective Jan. 15
New business interest rates for the OneAmerica Care Solutions product suite are changing, effective Monday, Jan. 15, 2018.
Annuity Care, Annuity Care II/III and Indexed Annuity Care new money rates are increasing. All other rates remain unchanged.
New rates for Annuity Care, Annuity Care II/III and Indexed Annuity Care are listed below. View all rates
The new rates will be as follows:    Annuity Care LTC fund: 2.00 % Cash fund: 1.35% Annuity Care II/III LTC accumulated value single/joint annuitant: 2.00 % Accumulated value single/joint annuitant: 1.35% Indexed Annuity Care Point-to-point Cap: 2.20% Point-to-point Par: 20.00% Monthly average Cap: 2.20% Monthly average Par: 30.00% Fixed account: 1.10%    Most Beneficial Rate: Indexed Annuity Care offers your clients the opportunity to receive the best declared interest (or cap, or par) rate available between the date their application is received in the Home Office, and the effective date of the contract, if fully funded within 60 days of application. This feature is intended as an easy-to-do-business provision to provide you and your clients the peace of mind to know that they can receive the best declared rates during the application process. Annuity Care also offers this feature for 1035/transfer monies only.