American Equity – California Product Changes

**American Equity Products Discontinued in California**  
As required by the state of California, sales for the following American Equity products will be discontinued effective December 30, 2016.  
* Bonus Gold (INDEX-1-07)
* Retirement Gold (INDEX-2-09)
* Advantage Gold (INDEX-6-07)
* Premier Eagle 10 (FPDA-7-08)
* Premier Eagle 12 (FRG-2-09)
Business for the products listed above must be ISSUED by December 30, 2016. Business not issued by December 30, 2016 will be returned or need to be applied to an available product. If it is applied to an available product, the new product disclosure will be required. No exceptions.
  Good news! We are still able to offer the Choice Series and Traditions Gold products. In addition, the Foundation Gold will remain available, but will offer adjusted features such as:
* Change to surrender charge schedule
* 9 year bonus vesting schedule
* 1% Minimum Guarantee Interest Rate (applicable to the Minimum Guarantee Surrender Value only)
* Modified commission rate
Pending business on the Foundation Gold that is not issued by December 30, 2016 will require a new disclosure PRIOR to issue.
As our industry continues to change and evolve, American Equity remains committed to you and providing quality products and first-in-class customer service. We will keep you informed on additional developments including the NEW California Gold which will be available January 1, 2017. Watch your email for more details in January! The California Gold has many features, including:
* 5% premium bonus which vests over a nine year period
* 10% free withdrawal after the first contract anniversary
* 10 interest crediting options
  **Product Training is required before writing an annuity application**

North American Company for Life and Health Insurance®

The following annuities will be discontinued effective 12-30-16:  
* Freedom Choice Fixed Index Annuity
* North American Ten Fixed Index Annuity
  Applications for these products must be received in the Home Office on or before 12-30-2016, 12:30 pm CST.