Mutual of Omaha – Express Newsletter for November 29,…

Comparing IUL Policy Costs While IUL products with elaborate marketing features may be appealing, it’s important to look further when you are choosing which product to recommend to your customers. Our new Cost Comparison Flyer helps you uncover one of Income Advantage’s greatest strengths – its low cost structure.
Coming Soon: Updated Living Promise e-App Effective December 9, 2017 we are updating our Living Promise (Final Expense) e-Application. Find out how our updated e-App will make it easier for you to conduct business.
2018 Copay/Deductibles The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced the 2018 Medicare Premiums and Copay/Deductibles.
2017 Marketing Credits Redemption Deadline DON’T FORGET our Marketing Credits Redemption Deadline is coming up soon! You have until December 14, 2017 to request reimbursement for your Medicare supplement marketing credits earned from January 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017.
LTC Inflation Protection Buy-Up Option The Mutual Care Custom Solution policy includes an inflation protection buy-up option that allows clients to increase their inflation protection percentage once a year.
Save Time with the Priority Income Protection e-Application! The Priority Income Protection e-App allows you to offer quotes plus complete and submit applications online.
    December 2017 Annuity Interest Rates There will be no changes to the December 2017 deferred annuity interest rates.     End of Year Pay Schedule Don’t forget about the end of year adjusted pay dates.

Mutual of Omaha – Express Newsletter for November 1,…

The Growth Potential of Income Advantage IUL Learn why indexed universal life insurance is the fastest growing permanent life insurance product on the market. And, find out how our Income Advantage IUL policies have been performing.
TLE Portfolio Updates Approved in OR Our Term Life Express portfolio modifications are now approved in all states, including Oregon. Get software and marketing updates on this latest release.  
Med Supp Premium Savers Your clients will appreciate your ability to keep money in their pockets by showing them the premium-saving features of our Medicare supplement plans. Please review for additional details.  
What You Should Know Before Talking to Clients about Long-Term Care Insurance Are you up to date on the required LTC continuing education? Learn where you can complete it, before you take an LTC application.
Introducing the LTC Prescreen Flyer Find out how the LTCi prescreen flyer can help you and your client determine whether to proceed with completing an application.  
Reminder of Upcoming DI Webinar on November 14 The next webinar topic is the DI tele application. Learn when to tune in on this important update.  
Holiday Solicitation Bans for the Month of November Learn what telephone solicitation bans are in effect for November holidays.
End-of-Year Pay Schedule Find out when the end-of-year pay dates will fall this year.

National Western – The Score Newsletter

NWL Income Protector –  New States Added!  We are excited to announce that the NWL Income Protector is now available in even more states! For this latest group of states, you’ll find that the approved product offers most of the same great features that everyone is raving about with only a few minor differences. Visit MyNWL to view the updated marketing materials for the state variations. Click here to view the newly approved states. For an at-a-glance look at the state variations, you can reference the highlight sheet by clicking here. NWL DOL Fiduciary Standard Strategy As of June 9, 2017, the Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule is officially in effect. We have hosted several webinars to provide a detailed overview on our DOL strategy. Be sure to stay tuned for more informative webinars to come! Click here to read the entire Agency Bulletin regarding NWL’s strategy. E & O Now Required As of 4/1/17, NWL now requires E & O from all newly contracted agents who solicit our products. Effective immediately, all agents are required to maintain E & O coverage. Please be sure that your E & O requirement is satisfied prior to submitting any business or it may affect the turnaround time of the application process.

National Western – The Score Newsletter

Are You on Target? Find Out! Now it’s easy to view your progress and find out if you need to add new luggage to your holiday wish list for that big trip to Miami and Key West in 2017! We’ve given the “Am I on Target” widget on MyNWL an overhaul! It’s user-friendly, real-time accurate, and your stats are just a click away! Check it out today and see if you’ve qualified! To check your progress, just log in to your agent website and click on the ‘Am I on Target?’ link in the Sales Conference Section of the homepage. Are you “this close”? You’ll be excited to hear that Double Credit has been EXTENDED and is now available until the end of the year! Double Credit calculations are incorporated into your target numbers. UPDATE: CA Annuities — Issue Ages Listed In the last issue of The Score we alerted you to the upcoming modification of issue dates for California annuities in 2017. This change will restrict the availability of some of our California approved products to certain ages. The regulation is effective for policies issued on or after January 1st, therefore all applications that do not meet the 2017 California state guidelines must be in good order and funding received NO LATER THAN December 22nd, 2016. Annuitant ages on the following products for policies issued after the deadline will be as listed:
*  NWL Ultra Classic * NWL Ultra Benefit *  NWL Ultra Future * NWL Benefit Assurance * NWL Future Assurance 0-56 0-55 0-54 0-55 0-54
The following products may continue to be issued without any changes: * NWL Global Lookback * NWL Ultra Value * NWL Value Assurance * SPIA The typical transfer takes 14 to 30 days so please exercise caution on submissions requiring transfer of funds. Year End Processing Cutoffs To ensure processing of all applications by December 31, 2016, it is imperative that we adhere to the deadlines listed below. Life New Business: * All underwriting requirements – such as medical requirements, attending physician’s report, etc. must be received in our office by December 9, 2016. * All issue requirements – such as amendments, policy delivery receipts and funding – must be received by December 16, 2016. Annuity New Business: All Fixed Indexed Annuity applications must be IGO (In Good Order – no outstanding requirements) with funding received by December 22, 2016 to be issued in 2016. Updated Agent Contracts NWL agent contracts have been updated. The new agent contracts have been streamlined to make it easier for recruiters to complete the agent on-boarding process. Here are some of the benefits of the improved process: * Reduced the number of places required for a recruiter to sign. * Recruiter now must indicate the agent commission level directly on the contract, instead of completing a separate kit for each commission level (with the exception of Special Producer contracts). This reduces the overall number of contract kits to select from. * Combined Life and Annuity Kit – New contract kit allows a recruiter to complete one data sheet to satisfy both Life and Annuity contracts. No more completing two separate kits for Life and Annuity. To access the kits and commission schedules, visit MyNWL, then click Licensing and Commissions, then select Schedule of Commissions and Contracts. PST Instructions Have Been Updated NWL’s PST (Product Specific Training) registration instructions have recently undergone a few changes. To access the updated instructions, visit the MyNWL Training University section or click here to view the PDF. Indexed Life Policy Funds Effective immediately, Life New Business will not index policy funds unless all pending requirements have been received at least 3 business days prior to the upcoming index date. Otherwise, funds will not be indexed until the next quarterly index date. For January 2017 indexing, all requirements must be in good order by January 6th in order for funds to be indexed by January 10th.