Published Articles

Published articles

Brian Leising
Life Sales Director

Helping clients understand the importance of an income stream death benefit

I’d like to help you close more life insurance sales by showing how an income stream death benefit can help your clients save money and better understand how their coverage works. We will explore the problem, present a money-saving solution and work to simplify it all for our clients.
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Do the current life insurance conversion options available to your clients leave something to be desired?

We typically sell term life insurance to fill a temporary need, but over time needs change. The reasons for coverage change from debt payoff (mortgage) and employment income replacement to social security income replacement, health care expenses and wealth transfer. These are needs your client will have between retirement and death.
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The Eight Elements of Extended Care Riders

Not all extended care riders on life insurance policies are created equally. Do you know the differences? Different combinations will appeal to different clients more than others.
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Senior clientele?
Six tips to open more life insurance sales

Do you specialize in the senior insurance market? Do your clients think of you as just their Medicare supplement, annuity or final expense agent?

Unfortunately many advisors make only one product sale per household and never ask their clients about other potential life insurance planning needs. If you were able to uncover the need for one insurance product, why couldn’t you uncover another? Here are six open-ended questions to help you do exactly that.
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