You’re More Than an “Insurance Agent”

Presented by David Corwin

When someone asks you what you do for a living are you at a loss other than to say you are an insurance agent? People have their own preconceived notions of what an insurance agent is and often it isn’t as flattering as we might want it to be.

People know what doctors, lawyers, architects and other professions do, but what do they really know about the value a professional insurance adviser can provide? What we do for the public can be more important and at certain times far more critical to people’s lives than many other professionals. The people you talk to don’t care about what your job is until they know how it will benefit them.

Here are some great responses that I’ve compiled over the years:

• I specialize in giving advice to seniors to provide a predictable lifetime income.

• I work with families in planning ahead for an unforeseen, untimely death to make available dollars for ongoing expenses.

• I focus on designing programs for the public to provide tax-free income for retirement.

• I create ways for seniors to grow their money in a way that helps avoid probate delay and expense.

It is crucial to know what you want to say before someone asks what you do. At a wedding reception, dinner party or other social event, when you discuss your business, a prepared, motivating description of your value proposition is a must. It’s all about describing how you work and how it benefits the people you work with.

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