What Do You Do?

Presented by Jim Linn

Over a decade ago I attended a home office seminar and the CEO of the company was asked to give a brief address to the class. He introduced himself and he posed a simple question to us all: “What do you do?” The hands went up and the typical answers were, “I sell Life Insurance”, “I provide health insurance programs”, “I offer home and auto insurance”. When all the agents had finished he commented and said “all very good answers, and typically what I hear from most agents, but do you want to be defined as someone that sells a product, or would you prefer to be a trusted partner whose primary goal is protection and peace of mind?”

He shared with us a phrase to use when working with clients that encompasses all of the areas we as agents work in whether you are a life only agent, health only, or P&C Agent. When asked “What do you do?” try this statement:

“I provide enough of the right type of insurance to ensure my clients are protected and have peace of mind.”

This statement works no matter what line or lines of insurance you work within. It captures the basis of why people purchase insurance whether it is P&C, Life, Health, Disability etc. By using this type of statement you are no longer selling a product, you are letting the client/prospect know you have their best interest in mind.

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