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Converting from a MedAdvantage Plan to a Medicare Supplement Plan

Medicare Supplements
What they are.
How they work.

Understanding the Four Parts of Medicare

VLOG Episode 1
Fast and Easy Underwriting

Indexed Annuity Care Product Training

Just How Big is the White Collar DI Market

Why is protecting your income important? Does Disability Income protection really matter?

Linked Benefits 202

Assurity Webinar on Getting in Front of Clients

The Fixed Asset Alternative

Linked Benefits – The New Way to Sell Long Term Care

Linked Benefits 202 – Advanced Concepts

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  • Sales Idea – Unlock the Power of Indexed Universal Life (2/20/2019)- Sales Idea Unlock the power of Indexed Universal Life so you can transform your business. With Stonewood software and turn-key marketing programs, you get access to proven IUL sales stories and the tools to close business with them. Seminars and meeting scripts for prospecting. Brochures and handouts for client meetings. Customized IUL proposals to close […]
  • Sales Idea Episode 66 – 40 Year Term Life Insurance (2/11/2019)- Sales Idea Episode 66 40 Year Term Life Insurance For decades we thought 30 year term was the longest term life insurance policy a person could buy. Now we have one company offering 40 year term! In less than three minutes, I reveal the optimal market for this brand new term life product.
  • Sales Idea – Is IUL too expensive? (2/5/2019)- Is Indexed Universal Life Insurance too expensive? To answer that question you should consider a few things. How long will the policy be in force before I access the cash value? Some of the expenses are both fixed and front-loaded. This means the longer the policy is in force and the more the accumulation value […]
  • 3 Ways to Earn Gift Cards in February (1/31/2019)- Did you know at one time the month of February didn’t even exist on the Roman Calendar? Nobody really cared for winter much, so the calendar ran from March through the end of December with January and February being afterthoughts. We’ve come a long way since then, and we’re glad to have February on the […]

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