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Converting from a MedAdvantage Plan to a Medicare Supplement Plan

Medicare Supplements
What they are.
How they work.

Understanding the Four Parts of Medicare

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Fast and Easy Underwriting

Indexed Annuity Care Product Training

Just How Big is the White Collar DI Market

Why is protecting your income important? Does Disability Income protection really matter?

Linked Benefits 202

Assurity Webinar on Getting in Front of Clients

The Fixed Asset Alternative

Linked Benefits – The New Way to Sell Long Term Care

Linked Benefits 202 – Advanced Concepts

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  • Interested in adding more value to your term life insurance sales? (6/14/2018) -     Interested in adding more value to your term life insurance sales?     Price is not always the most important feature for your clients. Learn who offers living benefits, premium discounts, streamlined underwriting and the best conversion options. You’ll never have to rely on price again!  
  • Underwriting with Andrea #2 (6/13/2018) - Underwriting is both an Art and a Science. Here at Financial Brokerage we know that the clients you protect have their own unique histories that often present Underwriting challenges. With so many options available, knowing where to start can be daunting. Let us help you choose the right carrier the first time. Stop Declines before they happen and contact me the next time you've "got a guy" that you're not quite sure where to start with. You might just be surprised at what I'll find…
  • Taxes are on sale right now (5/9/2018) - Three life insurance sales ideas to help your client take advantage before it is too late Federal income taxes are on sale right now 2018 Federal income taxes are historically low. Between 1932 and 1986 the top income tax rates were usually above 70%, even spending 15 years above 90%! Rates have been considerably lower […]
  • Why everyone you meet is worth $1,000! (5/8/2018) - Contact your Life Sales Manager for your next case.   Brian Leising CLU, ChFC, CASLLife Sales Manager     Direct     Gary PetersonCLU, ChFCLife Sales Manager     Direct     Allen FrisbieLUTCFLife Sales Manager     Direct

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